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Fabolous’s “The Young OG Project” dropped on Christmas Day, 2014 and the video for one of the hit singles, “She Wildin” was released on Christmas Day, 2015. You’re probably wondering why write about it now? Well, any fan of the House Party movies will realize re-enacting the “House Party” movie would be a great challenge, but Gerard Victor, the Director pulled it off.

Both Fabolous and Chris Brown re-enact the main characters, “Kid n’ Play” from the original “House Party” movie. The video is fun and resembles the house, both inside and out from the movie. Fabolous typically doesn’t dance in his videos but he busted a few of the classic “Kid n’ Play” dance moves with Chris Brown.

The most distinctive point in this video is the Director’s ability to modernize the past. The blend of new school “dab” moves and old school dance moves is priceless. The video vixens also played the roles of the original females in the movie.


The video is just clever and if you haven’t watched the original “House Party” movie …. what are you waiting for?

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