Fabolous ft. Ashanti “Ashanti Remix”

Woah! Leave it to the F A B O L O U S to bring the early 2000’s properly into 2018 and kill it at that! Ashanti was the R&B princess in the early 2000’s and the “Ashanti Remix” effortlessly mixes and blends her choruses to create a new hook. Phrases such as “Foolish,” “Ooh Baby,” and “Always On Time” are song titles and popular lyrics sang by Ashanti.

Fabolous did an amazing job with this record. I love the support and love shown to Ashanti because a lot of artists respect artists when they are no longer here on earth, thank God that’s not the case with Ashanti. Also, people now see Ashanti and think she’s beautiful and attractive but they don’t know the God sent voice she has.

She hops on the end of this record and ties the bow in a knot. I love this single and seeing Fabolous and Ashanti side by side is exactly what my soul needed.


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