Posted on: April 1, 2020 Posted by: Sicarah Comments:

Ether Da Connect released the Waka remix music video featuring Waka Flocka and Mr. Swipey this week. The original Waka music video received millions of views so it was only right to have Waka Flocka on the remix.

Ether Da Connect, Mr. Swipey and Waka Flocka is super special collaboration.  Mr. Swipey is known for his Latin drill approach to music.

If I could describe the Waka remix music video with just one word it would be ENERGY. The Waka remix music video is full of high energy movement that includes twerking, Brooklyn dance styles, and a great party visual.

I am very happy to see Brooklyn artists continuing the movement. Press play above to enjoy the fun time in the Waka remix.


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