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Escape Room: Tournament of Champions 3 Things I Would Change

First thing first, Spoiler Alert! Here is your warning so please do not say I didn’t tell you.

Zoey and Ben the two survivors from the original escape room end up back in the puzzle of the escape room somewhat by choice. Zoey convinced Ben to join her in her travel to New York to try to find clues on who set up Zoey, Ben and everyone else from the original movie. However, there are 3 things I would change in this film and lets begin with number 1.

#1. Convincing Ben to Help Zoey By Traveling Back to New York

Why? Why did Ben say yes to Zoey so easily? Yes Ben was hesitant but he barely stood up against Zoey. Realistically I feel like it would have been way harder to get someone who survived such an experience as the Escape Room to travel closer to the very same people who set them up to begin with.

#2. Why did they kill off Derek so quickly in the movie?

If I’m being honest, I fell in love with Derek’s character off rip. He was very funny, emotional and interesting. The moment he died in the movie a part of me lost interest. His anger of being lured into the game unexpectedly caught my attention and really made me feel empathy with his situation. What also made it stand out was the fact he was on a phone call with his significant other when this all took place.

#3. I Want The Plane Scene and I Want It Now!

I genuinely thought the entire movie was going to be in the setting of the plane and it wasn’t! I would have rather skipped the whole scene of the train and the whole movie because the plane set up seems like it will be soooo exciting! Guess I’ll be waiting for Part 3.

Overall, I thought the movie was ok but I thoroughly enjoyed the original Escape Room more.

Let me know what you think.