Dave East and Rick Ross – Fresh Prince of Belaire

“Fresh Prince of Belaire” is the title of Dave East’s and Rick Ross’s latest music video and it is amazingly New York. The “Fresh Prince of Belaire” music video was shot in the busy lifestyle of your typical New Yorker.

This video pays homage to the famous 90’s television show featuring Will Smith titled the “Fresh Prince of Belaire.” The video features everyone in the video wearing brilliantly highlighted colors and patterns such as hot pink, lime green and plaid/cheetah garments.

In fact, during most of the video you’ll also see Dave East in a bright yellow taxi cab symbolizing Will Smith’s arrival to Belaire for the first time. 

I can really appreciate the fun editing used in the video. For example, a girl jumps in the pool and before she can make a splash the shot reverses, bringing her out of the pool, symbolizing Jazzy Jeff always getting kicked out of the house from the famous TV show. In the television show, The Fresh Prince of Belaire Will Smith’s best friend was Jazzy Jeff.

Dave East references the 90’s while the dancers are strategically dressed in 90’s apparel. The song has a good beat but right after Rick Ross’s verse the beat switches up and becomes even better with more bass. 

I hope there will be a remix with the beat used in the end, utilized for the full duration of the remixed version of the song. 

Rick Ross sits on the throne as he spits his bars in his swagged out old school jacket. 

There are a lot of Belaire bottles featured in the video and some of the bottles actually have Dave East’s face on it. Besides the bottles there are beach balls, and a radio among the large stacked high boxes of Belaire bottles. 

Watch the music video above and be sure to let me know what you think. 



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