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Meet Dacey, the Band

DACEY is a band made up of 4 talented individuals all in their early 20’s. Dacey Andrada is the vocalist while Justin (JT) Tecson is the Guitarist & Keys, Nathan Chan also a Guitarist and Joshua Akow is the Bassist. The band represents Vancouver with soulful sounds, brash production and self-aware lyricism.
I had the opportunity to interview them and learn about the formation of the band, their favorite song and more!
Question: How did you and your bandmates meet?
Dacey: We met at a recording school here in Vancouver, BC back in 2018.
Question: What is the best part about being in a band? 
Dacey: Being able to bond with your homies while making music. 
Question: Dacey, I love the fact you are the only female in the band, how does it feel? 
Dacey: It feels good, it isn’t difficult being heard. The amazing part of being in this band is that yes, I am the only female however, I don’t feel like I’m being treated or considered any different from the rest.
Question: Which song is the most meaningful to you and why? 
Dacey: One song that means most to me has to be ‘DEX’ which is an unreleased track and is basically about struggling with addictions. I won’t elaborate on it too much before the drop, so that’s something everyone can expect.  
Question: What or who gives you strength through challenges? 
Dacey: My mom. She’s always been there for me no matter how small each situation is. She is my go to person to talk about all my problems with. 
Question: Top 3 artists you have been listening to in 2021? 
Dacey: Baby Keem, Weyes Blood, Hether
Question: What is the impact you want to leave on fans? 
Dacey: I want our music to resonate with our fans forever, I want them to go back to our songs thinking that
our sound is timeless. 
Question: What is one collaboration you would like to have in 2022? 
Dacey: My dream collaboration would be Tyler the Creator
Question: What is one thing you learned from the pandemic?
Dacey: “Don’t stay stagnant or you’ll lose yourself” – Don’t stop practicing 
Question: What’s next for you? 
Dacey: More releases on the way as well as some music videos in the works, and hopefully we’ll be able to tour next summer as things open up. Stay tuned!