Da Baby Releases “Find My Way” Short Film Starring B Simone

Da Baby just released a short film titled, “Find My Way.”  This modern day Bonnie and Clyde couple, played by Da Baby and B. Simone rob local stores and diners in a rural area.

“Find My Way” is a hit song by Da Baby but the story line is what really got me hooked. Da Baby’s character is robbing local businesses because his grandmother is ill and he needs to send her money.

The best part about the short film to me was the love and ride or die qualities displayed by B. Simone.  She was willing to shoot for her man and do whatever it took to make sure they were good.

Everything went left at the end of the short film when Da Baby ended up shooting and killing the management of the hotel he was staying at.

“Sometimes when we try to do the right thing we just end up doing more wrong.”

That was the ending line of the short film.

It was great content, press play above and let me know what you think.

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