Chico Suave x Pessoz – “Who Run It”

Chico Suave and Pessoz recently released a new music video titled, “Who Run It.” The music video has a creative story line.

The video was well thought out featuring various acting roles, strategic photographs and great edits. The video was directed by Gambino  and reminded me of a scene from the hit show, Power on StarzChico Suave and Pessoz have a meeting with their connect in the beginning of the video and are told they need to solve a problem before business can continue.

Both artists, Chico Suave and Pessoz rap on the verses and there is singing and autotune on the chorus creating a well balanced record. The song is catchy and a must hear.

Check out the video above and let me know what you think!

IG: @tharealchicosuave

IG: @pessozphk

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