Celebrity Entertainment TV : Episodes 1 – 3 Hood Celebrity, Sexxy Lexxy & AK Tyler

I’ve released a new interview series called “Celebrity Entertainment TV!”┬áCulture Entertainment is designed to keep viewers up to date with Hip Hop culture and overall entertainment. These episodes will feature interviews with music artists, actors, social media influencers and more! The questions will be relevant to the culture and everything trending in the moment.

The first episode featured Hood Celebrity. She has been seen several times on social media with her best friend Cardi b. On our interview she discussed her new music video, Walking Trophy and what the concept meant to her. We also got to learn more about her personal life.

The second episode featured Sexxy Lexxy who you might be familiar with from Love and Hip Hop New York. She used to be a part of a group called BBOD while on the show. On our interview she spoke about her efforts to help youth by giving 100 students tickets to see the Black Panther movie and why that was important to her.

The third and more recently released interview features music artist, “AK Tyler.” He is a artist with a compelling message to help his listeners (AK Soldiers) believe they are King and Queens and deserve greatness. His music is also very inspiring and his visuals are very creative.

Please share the link and if you have someone who you think should be featured on this interview series email me at sicarahf@gmail.com.


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