Plylist – “Land Line”

Plylist released a new single on Soundcloud titled, “Land Line” and the bass is undenying to real Hip Hop lovers. 

“Land Line” is a brutally yet realistic single about the side chick playing her role and not attempting to take on girlfriend behavior.

“Only come through yeah when its 4am no one is outside, you not my bitch, girl and you not my slide, baby just stay in line.” 

“Land Line” is a player’s anthem and a side chick’s nightmare but the song is definitely a banger. 

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King P.I.B – Kings 2 A Queen Feat. Xena April

The introduction to the “Kings 2 A Queen” music video is similar to a short film immediately drawing viewers into the argument of a young couple. The debate not only mentions a topic that most artists can understand and relate to, it also provides an interesting story line. Then the video Segways into a money conversation leading the King P.I.B to derive a plan to satisfy his lady. 
In the music video, King P.I.B addresses the difficulty of balancing a music career and a serious relationship. However, he solves this problem throughout his actions in the music video. 
As the beat drops so does the romanticism. Finally we have an opportunity to see the couple happy and the main star in the video, King P.I.B bring home flowers and explain the love he has for his one and only. Rotating between hard hitting lyricism and smooth vibe creating bars, King P.I.B successfully shows viewers how to be a King to their Queen.
“Good times is what it is headed for, you and I baby there’s nothing more.” 
Xena April adds a fierce melody with lyrics from a woman’s perspective.
“Can I please tell you one thing, the only thing that I want is you.”  
Xena April harmonically expresses love with purity through every word.
The chemistry induced record is a must hear! Check it out and be sure to leave a comment. 
King P.I.B will be at SXSW this year. To keep up with every move follow their social media platforms below. 
Social Media: Artists: @kingpib @xena_april 
                      Directed By: @visualsiam
                      Produced By: @shantaye_bailey
                      Sound Recorded By: @edwardzephyrin
Sound Mixed: @rrm_ent

Haze Milli – “Trenches”

Haze Milli released a hard stomping music video titled, “Trenches.” Throughout this music video you will feel high energy comparable to the DMX grittiness provided in the 90s. The no filter bars in combination with the video effects will keep your eyes locked on the screen.

Haze Milli mentions his city and also some of his experiences giving credibility to the title, “Trenches.”  The music video was directed by Director_Picaso. 

To read more about Haze, check out his article on Hype Magazine and click below to hear his music on Soundcloud.

Plyli$t “Out Loud” VLOG


Plyli$t is an upcoming artist out of Yonkers, NY and he recently released a mini Vlog called “Out Loud.” In the background of the one minute clip is a preview to a new unreleased single. He also lets the viewers know they can expect an EP titled, “Expect the Unexpected.”  The visuals provided are images of his family and other close individuals in his life. 

To hear some of Plyli$t’s released singles visit his Soundcloud below and be sure to follow him on Instagram @he_is_plylist. 

R3ady – “Big Grind”

R3ady recently released a new single titled, “Big Grind.” This song is dedicated to everyone with the goal of taking over 2019 for the win.

R3ady keeps all of his lyrics honest and real while he pursues his dreams rapping, “I can’t f*ck you on the regular, regular, got you blowing up my cellular.”

My favorite highlight of this record is the go hard yet chill energy exuded throughout the track.

“Big Grind” is an ideal song to ride around town getting money to. He also speaks about his humble mentality and hard work behind his drive.

“You Know I’m Good Vibes, F*ck the Drama!”

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Mikey100k releases New Single “Indecisive”

During the giving holiday, Mikey100k, talented artist and producer,  drops a 2 song project titled thnkfl, which includes “Indecisive.” Produced by akachi beats and Pnb Rock, the mid-tempo track is one you’ll easily get hooked on as Mikey100k effortlessly sauces the track up with his melodic arrangements and well placed add-ins. Bump this track in the closest set of speakers near you. Check out “Indecisive” below.

PLYLI$T Freestyles Meek Mill’s Traumatized Presenting “Trauma Freestyle”

Plyli$t is a music artist from Yonkers, New York and he’s starting the year off with a freestyle of Meek Mill’s, “Traumatized” single off of the popular album, “Championships.”

His “Trauma Freestyle” is packed with bars that have real meaning. You’ll definitely feel the punchlines on this freestyle.

“You know you can not thumb tap a nigga in real life, I guess like your flag and your watch you ain’t real, right.”

Check out the full “Trauma Freestyle” above and leave a comment!

Setto Releases New Song “With Me”

Setto is a New York based recording artist with a new single out called, “With Me.”  This is a song off of his upcoming project, “LAGOS.” This single follows his May release for his music video,  “Hold That.” 
The song “With Me” has high energy and the song is excellent for any setting such as riding around in your car or even in the club. The lyrics are catchy and relatable and Setto’s voice creates the perfect vibe for the song. 
“Got racks on racks on racks …. my pride won’t let me go broke.” These are a few lines from the chorus that are beyond catchy. 

“With Me” was produced by Kashbeats, check it out below.  “With Me” is available on all streaming platforms now: 


While “With Me” was more focused on the ladies, “Hold That” is a money focused record.
“Ran off with the money, made love to the money, headshot for the money.”
The video was shot around stacks of money, ladies, firearms and cars. 

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Yalee – Sing Sing Music Video [ Shot By Mack Lawrence ]

Yalee released a new visual titled, “Sing Sing.” The music video has excellent graphics including  mountains, a boxing ring and an endless realm of creativity. 

“Sing Sing” is mainly black and gold with an immense swag.  The chorus of the song is based on the things women tend to say to him such as,

“She said I like that gold in your mouth, its that bling bling.” 

During “Sing Sing”, Yalee talks about his grind and the beauty he’s trying to pursue. The video is vibrant and the song is a definite catchy original.

Check it out above and let me know what you think.