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3 Reasons I love BET’s New Show: “Games People Play”

BET premiered a new show titled, “Games People Play” featuring some of your favorite actors including Lauren London and Sarunas J. Jackson. “Games People Play” is a realistic series highlighting the drama as the main characters navigate their lives and careers. Each actor is in the entertainment industry either has a editor, basketball player, basketball wive or actress.

Reason #1

A 1 actors are a part of the “Games People Play” drama filled television series. The acting skills are impeccable. I haven’t seen Lauren London in an acting role is such a long time. I miss her major role in ATL and I’m glad to see her back on the TV screen. When watching “Insecure” I couldn’t get enough of Sarunas J. Jackson and now he’s back. This is a very good look considering we have to wait until 2020 for the next Insecure episode. 

Reason #2

The storyline leaves you wanting more. The main athlete is married to Lauren London and cheating on her. Will Lauren find out the truth? The girl he cheated with leaked pictures of his nude butt but she fell for his lies. Towards the end of the episode she finds out he lied to her again because she already caught him cheating previous to this new woman. 

The girl only slept with him to get her clout up. It’s all about instagram now a days. 

Reason #3

Dreams come true. We see a talented young lady work hard at her publication and receive a raise allowing her to move to LA and to receive an office living out her dreams as an editor. She is happy and enjoying her new role. 

“Games People Play” is not a picture perfect fable but it is containing real life scenarios showcasing the pros and cons of having everything you want.”

I wasn’t expecting or aware of this show but I for one look forward to watching this every Tuesday. 

To read more about Insecure, check out the below article.

If You Thought You Had Nothing To Look Forward To, You’re Wrong – Insecure Airs 2020

Should you bet your life on this show? Absolutely and here’s why? Insecure is a show that airs on HBO but whats rare about Insecure is the relatable factor to multiple demographics.

Insecure will make you laugh, cry, reminisce, lead you to take risks and teach you a lesson or two. If you are a Insecure fan you may be wondering if the show will air this year and the answer is no.

Why? Because Issa has become such a movie rockstar she could not film the show this year. I am so proud I can’t believe how quickly her stardom rose and how creative Insecure proved to be.

The breakups and the one night hooks up and the reactions represented the reactions of most millennial women. Issa didn’t like her job and she up and quit because she wanted and had to improve her life. She went through a major breakup and started dating other people. Her friends are growing up before her eyes having children while other friends are hilariously living life to the fullest.

I know it will not air until 2020 but I can officially say, I’m excited for everything 2020 has to bring.

If you really miss Issa Rae run out to the movie theaters and watch your girl who is currently playing a role in the movie titled, “Little.”

“Little” is actually a really big deal featuring Regina Hall and Marsai Martin. The movie is about an adult woman (Issa) who ends up going back in time to her childhood. From the previews alone I can tell this movie is a must see.

This is just what I needed to hold me over until Insecure airs in 2020. You can follow Issa on social media through Instagram and Twitter. Instagram: @issarae Twitter: @issarae.

Her website is! Comment your favorite Insecure episode.



The CHI Season 2 Showtime Premiere event took place last Sunday in New York City at Jimmy’s. Shomari Love played a ground shaking role in the first episode of the CHI Season 2 Episode 1. I don’t want to spoil it but lets just say your jaw is going to drop.

Several celebrities were at the event including actors Justin Hurtt-Dunkley, Mr. Commodore and Travque.

The event was a major success and I was able to sit down and find out how the celebrities in the room made it to Stardom & Fame.

“My Kids Caught Me and My Wife ….” – Kevin Hart – Irresponsible Tour

Haaaaa why is Kevin Hart so funny? The beginning of the Netflix special begins with “My Kids Caught Me and My Wife F*cking.” Let me tell you Kevin Hart is hands down one of the funniest comedians of all time.

What I appreciate most about Kevin Hart’s stand up comedy sets is the relatable concepts.  Parents can relate to his stand up because he speaks from the Parent and the Kids point of view.

“Nobody plans to f*ck up,” is only one of the many quotable and hilarious concepts explored during “Irresponsible.”

I will not spoil the flick for you but I will let you know “Irresponsible” is super funny. Let me know your thoughts.

DJ Madout – “Watch Me Work 2” Documentary


DJ Madout is a DJ who always rocks the crowd. I know from experience, the energy in a party drastically rises into a lituation when Dj Madout is on the set.

DJ Madout has been in the music industry as a DJ for over 10 years. He has worked with countless celebrities including Hood Celebrityy and Spice.

Check out the above documentary to feel the energy he exudes when he’s the DJ on set.

The Bobby Brown Story – Night One *Spoiler Alert*

Wow ! This story was so well put together, honestly I feel like the story was told from an honest and real perspective. I feel like I wanted to cry at least 3 times throughout part one.

First off, I can’t believe Bobby Brown witnessed a murder so young, really traumatizing experience. I can’t wrap my mind around Janet Jackson and Bobby Brown. However, I enjoy the point of view of Bobby Brown feeling like no one liked him enough because he was dark skin and not like the other members of New Edition. This explains his connection to Whitney because Whitney braced him with so much love for exactly who he is. He did the same especially during the Soul Train Awards.


Cheating! This scene killed my soul, Why Bobby Brown? He didn’t even want to be with Kim but just engaged in cheating just to do it. Although, Whitney lost the baby, they were blessed to have another and I may not have done it myself but I respect Whitney for sticking to her fiancee after knowing the truth.

Older Brother and manager made me realize I don’t ever want to be a manager. Things start off one way and then all of a sudden you’re fired. Yikes!

The fact Bobby Brown witnessed and the cause of a second murder was just heart wrenching. I feel bad and don’t know how he’s dealt with such situations even till this day.

I for one is anxious for part two.

All respect to BET!

Young Is Blessed and Rob’s Baby Shower

Young is Blessed and Rob’s baby shower was held this month in preparation of the arrival of their handsome baby boy, Nikko. The blue colored room was filled with love provided by family and friends.

Rob walked in the room and immediately greeted everyone and gave an introduction which concluded with a FaceTime call of Young Bae in her hospital gown after giving birth to Nikko. Talk about a pleasant surprise!

A marvelous fountain of white chocolate, fresh fruit and dessert additions were available for attendees to dip and enjoy. Opposite of the fountain was a table of cake pops, a cake and special chocolate covered cookies.

The food was stupendous with dishes such as Jerk chicken, Curry chicken, rice, lasagna, pork and more!

There was a table of gifts and goods for the family and of course positive vibes all around.

Watch the video above and follow them @youngisblessed and @imjust_chill.

Roxanne Roxanne – Netflix Movie

Finally, a movie that shows the truth and goes through the process of ones life story slowly. Roxanne Roxanne is a refreshing Netflix movie and showcases the beauty of true storytelling.

In the beginning of the movie, we see happy Roxanne Shante smiling, rapping and hustling with the swag of Queensbridge. She was very confident and throughout the entire storyline her skill set in rapping was consistent. Her mother even encouraged her as she was in grade school to win her rap battles by any means necessary and to give her performance her all.

I do not want to spoil the entire movie but I will say this movie made me emotional which proves how concise the story was told. There were so many ups and downs in Roxanne Shante’s life that it can really serve as motivation for viewers.

Throughout the movie you will notice Roxanne Shante’s opportunities to walk away and quit everything. However, her raps turned out to keep her strong and lead her to the top.
The movie is out on Netflix, if you haven’t already watch it today!