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Kevin Hart – Don’t F**k This Up

Kevin Hart’s Nextflix 6 part documentary series “Don’t F**k This Up” is an open diary is film form. “Don’t F**k This Up” is great because its real. Kevin Hart talks about his genuine feelings creating a documentary all can relate to.

In the Netflix Series, Kevin Hart uses footage from various parts of his career to talk about the drama and controversial moments he’s faced.

His comments and tweets from way back, I’m talking 2010 brought him so much backlash. Kevin Hart shows footage of him talking about his tweets of what he would hypothetically do if he found out his son was gay. In the beginning Kevin Hart was not willing to apologize saying he already addressed the situation. Later on he notices he made a mistake by not apologizing and he began to realize how his comments condoned violence in the gay community.

This moment is pivotal because it shows his growth throughout the series and his growing compassion.

Kevin Hart and his family is in the series which was cool to see him living a regular life. As you can imagine he works very hard and is often not home but the family does travel from time to time with him.

Kevin Hart even addresses the cheating scandal. He is truly sorry and loves his wife. He has an amazing support system of men who had his back when he needed them the most.

Viewers virtually met Kevin Hart’s Dad who was battling drug addiction when Kevin Hart was younger. Although, his father is elderly, he is super excited to try his best to hang out and play with his grandchildren.

Kevin Hart talks about his childhood and how his mom influenced his large amount of success. His mom passed away but through all his success he stays strong and remembers his mom is with him.

I think this is exactly what Kevin Hart needed and to be honest many public figures should take a page out of Kevin Hart’s book.

Check out the trailer above and with the 6 part documentary on Netflix today.