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Gashi releases new song “Safety 2020” featuring DJ Snake, Afro B & Chris Brown

Gashi releases his new song titled, “Safety 2020” with heavy hitters DJ Snake, Afro B and Chris Brown.

The pop inspired record has a twist of reggae and feel good energy all throughout the track.

Chris Brown is on the vocals creating a dance the night away vibe.

“I need you to come over and save me right now” – are the smooth lyrics.

I love the safety concept because it’s a fun record that still expresses love and affection.

“I’m into you, we in the mood baby, let’s vibe” are some of the perfect lyrics from Afro B.

Every beat Afro B touches is a vibe.

This is a record for every genre.

Let me know what you think.


Justin Bieber Reveals His Battle With Lyme Disease

Justin Bieber revealed his battle with Lyme Disease on a social media. Justin Bieber is a 25 year old huge pop star who revealed his diagnosis on Instagram. Lyme disease is an incurable disease typically carried by ticks.

Justin Bieber also addressed meth allegations and mentions he had a serious case of chronic mono which affected his skin, brain function and more.

Justin Bieber wrote on instagram, “While a lot of people kept saying justin Bieber looks like shit, on meth etc. they failed to realize I’ve been recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, not only that but had a serious case of chronic mono which affected my, skin, brain function, energy, and overall health. These things will be explained further in a docu series I’m putting on YouTube shortly.. you can learn all that I’ve been battling and OVERCOMING!! It’s been a rough couple years but getting the right treatment that will help treat this so far incurable disease and I will be back and better than ever NO CAP.”

In 2020 you can expect to see a docu series on Youtube explaining in detail his journey during the past 2 years and I can’t wait.

Justin Bieber, although still battling Lyme Disease has released a music video for his latest single, “Yummy” on January 4, 2020. His fans clearly were beyond excited and happy with the new music video. “Yummy” currently has over 29 million views on Youtube.

Justin Bieber will be on tour this year starting in May 2020 and ending in September 2020. Justin Bieber will be visiting Texas, Nevada, New York, Canada and more!

Justin Bieber’s hit single, “Baby” took the world by storm and I’m sure the docu series will be nothing less.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Below is a link to the Baby Music Video featuring Hip Hop artist and actor, “Ludacris.”

Let’s find the “Disco Lover” in you with Rico Davis new single!

Rico Davis is a versatile music artist with an unchanging love for music and dance. His style incorporates several genres including but not limited to Dance, Pop and R&B which is highlighted in his latest single, “Disco Lover.” When you listen to “Disco Lover” you will feel empowered, free and instantly think its a cool Friday night designed for a great party in sight. This single takes you back to the 70’s with a modern feel. This song provides more than a cool beat, it gives an experience.

The lyrics are pure and all about genuine fun.

“On our way girl, to the dance floor, work that body, like no other.”

The beginning of the song provides an upbeat dance song that everyone can party to. As the song continues the song gradually shifts into a smooth r&b realm and Rico Davis really takes the song away adding swag with every syllable.

“Number one we on the top, got it on lock, standing on n*ggas who not.”

Although, Rico Davis blends several genres into one song he still flawlessly completes the merge and keeps listeners engaged.

Rico Davis’s passion and success began at an early age as he was a member of the winning choir at the International Days of Coro Competition in Italy. As his music career soars on he continues to lead in triumph performing and releasing his creative and talented vocals in showcases and collaborating with Grammy Winner Fran Cathcart and Jason Pittman.

The debut album, The Golden Ratio and the “Disco Lover” music video are both set to release this march. He will be performing at the Singersroom, Press Play Agency and Samsung Soul Case in Brooklyn today, February 15th.

To keep up with his upcoming shows and music releases follow Rico Davis on Instagram @ricodavisonline.

Click the link below to check out his latest feature on Hollywood Unlocked.

Rising Star Rico Davis Drops His New Single “Disco Lover”


R3ady – “Big Grind”

R3ady recently released a new single titled, “Big Grind.” This song is dedicated to everyone with the goal of taking over 2019 for the win.

R3ady keeps all of his lyrics honest and real while he pursues his dreams rapping, “I can’t f*ck you on the regular, regular, got you blowing up my cellular.”

My favorite highlight of this record is the go hard yet chill energy exuded throughout the track.

“Big Grind” is an ideal song to ride around town getting money to. He also speaks about his humble mentality and hard work behind his drive.

“You Know I’m Good Vibes, F*ck the Drama!”

Check out @R3ady on Instagram and leave a comment!

Chris Brown First Release of 2019 “Undecided”


Chris Brown is a R&B/Pop King and he reminds us how with his new music video, “Undecided.” 2019 is the year of the level up. The music video begins with suspense as Chris Brown is seen in the dark breaking the chain off of a gate. He breaks into an amusement park at night when the entire park is shut down. Now I’m thinking what in the world is going on?

He is led to an electric blue balloon and when he touches the balloon a woman face appears and its almost like a vision or flashback we see of her face and the action behind her when the park was open.

So when the song starts we see Chris Brown doing a whole dance routine while sitting on a bench.. how? Amazing, only Chris Brown. This song is cute is all about Chris being undecided about making a special woman wifey. The beat is cute and the whole video is original from start to finish.

Check it out, leave a comment!

MonCherie – “What I Want” featuring Safaree

Superstar, MonCherie is back and with a single you’ll love from start to finish titled, “What I Want.” She collaborated with Love and Hip Hop’s own Safaree on this record.

MonCherie better known as Caribbean Pop Princess is a Dancehall music artist from St. Lucia. In the “What I Want” music video her culture is evident in her dance moves and musical prowess. As she sings you can hear the passion and emotions through every word.

“Make you scream in any language, so just give me what I want.”

Safaree continued the sensuality rapping, “But I ain’t at you’re door, I want it on your floor, I heard its slippery wet, clean up isle 4.”

The video is sexy and true to its dancehall core embodying the riddim usage and patois lyricism. MonCherie is surrounded by multicolored rose petals in the beginning of the video wearing a stunning sexy white outfit.

MonCherie even hits high notes while she’s singing emphasizing the joy she feels when she’s enjoying the special guy referenced in the song. The vibe on this record is a perfect blend with Jamaican artist, Safaree rapping to the beat.

She previously had a hit single with Vybz Kartel titled, “Can’t Say No” topping the Billboard Reggae charts.

Check out the video, “What I Want” above and follow MonCherie on Instagram @iammoncherie.

Raja ft. Tory Lanez – “Island Gyal”


Raja has been heating up the summer with his latest single, “Island Gyal” featuring Tory Lanez. “Island Gyal” is the perfect single to end the summer.

“Don’t need four, not three, not two, just one, Island Gyal.”

The video to “Island Gyal” is exotic, refreshing and tells a story. The creative director Avery Watson allows us to see a scene in the music video where Raja is out on a date and Raja asks his waitress to party with him and Tory Lanez right in front of his date! Automatically I was tuned in to see what would happen next.

All the ladies genuinely looked like beautiful island girls and between the water and palm trees I honestly can’t tell you what I enjoyed more. This video will make you want to have a good time because the visuals remind you of the perfect vacation and the ideal relationship.

Tory Lanez touch on the track is everything I expected and then some. He smoothly adds to the record with his vocals, “you know I do, I do feel how I feel with you.”

What I love most about this song is its romantic yet upbeat and the lyrics are words every girl wants to here from a guy.

“Girl you looking like Riri you got a face for TV.”

Check out the video above and let me know what you think.


Raja – Island Gyal ft. Tory Lanez

Raja collaborated with Hip Hop & RnB star Tory Lanez on his latest single “Island Gyal.” You may be familiar with Raja from his creative and memorable record, “Sangria Sangria.” He is soon to release an album this year called, “Rebirth” and “Island Gyal” is the second single off of  that project.

Of course, “Island Gyal” gives off a reggae style but he somehow successfully blends the caribbean vibes with the pop world. Raja creates a peace and serenity with lyrics like “Baby you the type I’d marry, you bring them caribbean vibes, girl you make me feel alive.”

Tory Lanez lyrics are charismatic as usual with a finesse, “Go slow for me baby, bruk it down so low that its like a new move for me baby.”

There’s no way you won’t want to dance after hearing this song.

With hits like these it’s no wonder Raja’s been featured on Billboard, RapRadar, XXLMag and ThisIs50.