Neek Bucks & Lil Durk Release Single “Energy”

Harlem rapper Neek Bucks links with Lil Durk for their latest collab single “Energy.” Neek gets real as he makes sense of life’s trials and tribulations. The rapper makes mention of taking care of his immediate circle, managing himself and grieving the recent loss of a loved one. Durk’s verse gives the song a different feel as he lays his bars down. The individual styles of the two rappers merge as a newfound mood is set. Listen to “Energy” here.


Def Jam Undisputed Event featuring TJ Porter, Fetty Luciano, Billz and Dominic Lord

Def Jam Undisputed

Def Jam recently released the “Undisputed” compilation featuring several artists such as Fetty Luciano, TJ Porter, Billz, Dominic Lord, Lul G, Pvrx, Ashton Travis, Nasaan and more! 

The celebration included performances by some of the featured artists, food, drinks and the nightlife experience all blended into one event held at Savage Lounge. 

Check out a glimpse into the event and here’s a link to the project. Let me know what your favorite track is.

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Rico Nasty Performs at the Melissa and Fila event in NYC

Rico Nasty performed several hit singles at the Melissa and Fila event this past weekend. Fans knew every word and enjoyed every second of her performance. Missed this event, no worries you know is where you can find the best recaps! Footage shot by @BigVegg, follow him on Instagram for top quality content! 

Check out the live performances and share this link with your friends! 

Thanks for watching! 

Lil Tjay Performs at The Draft 2019 and Releases New Music Video, “Pasto”


Lil Tjay, Polo G and Yung Bleu are the most recent signees to Columbia Records and performed at The Draft 2019 this past week at the SONY Hall. The artists were greeted with screaming fans excited to see their favorite artists and their surprise guests.

 Polo G became well known off of his single, “Finer Things” and the records to follow, “Pop Out” and “Battle Cry” continue to climb in the millions on Youtube. Yung Bleu’s fans went crazy hearing his singles, “Miss It” and “Unappreciated.” Lil Tjay, The Prince of New York came out onto the stage and his fans knew every lyric to his hit singles, “Leaked,” “Long Time” and of course, “Brothers.”

During Lil Tjay’s set he brought out Brooklyn’s own Casanova and the two stars, Lil Tjay and Polo G performed their joint hit, “Pop Out.” Then YK Osiris performed his “Valentine” record surprising the audience. 

After the show, some of the star artists linked up including Lil Tjay, YK Osiris, Jay Gwuapo and TJ Porter. DJ Drewski who was also the DJ getting the crowd rocking at SONY Hall was in the studio. 

So much talent on one stage, make sure you stay tuned to hear all of the great songs and visuals coming your way.


Nipsey Hussle – “Racks In The Middle” ft. Roddy Ricch & Hit Boy

Nipsey Hussle is a Hip Hop recording artists who just released a new music video featuring Roddy Ricch and Hit-Boy. 

The chorus by Roddy Ricch is perfectly melodic and catchy. Nipsey Hussle talks about struggle with clever lines, 

“You know you always crash and burn but it was working for us.”

The artists really talk about making it to the road of success all while having closed friends locked up or worst, dead.

Check out the music video above and leave a comment! 


Offset – “Father of 4” – This album is great because….

Offset releases his debut solo album “Father of 4” featuring 16 tracks including well known “Red Room.” This album features several notable music artists such as J Cole, Gunna, Quavo, Gucci Mane and of course the main, Cardi B. 

The introductory single of the album is titled, “Father of 4” and features Big Rube on the first verse and the song just gets better and better. This is an impactful record because he literally mentions all of his kids and does not pretend that he wasn’t perfect but in fact tells the honest truth about having a child as a teenager, being broke and missing birthdays. He mentions how his son Kody already raps just like him and talks about missing his first daughters first couple years of life. He mentions Kulture and how she reminds him of his grandmother and also dedicates some loving lyrics to Cardi B. 

Offset music comes off very pure and genuine with lyrics like “How Did I Get Here.”

“How did I get right here? (How did I?)
Neck, wrist on chandelier (Chandelier)
Made me wanna drop some tears (Tears)
Thankin’ God that I switched gears.”

Offset lyrics reference politics and racism on the single, “Lick.” On other singles, he raps about self motivation. Fans can learn a lot about Offset in this album such as his love for God, purchase of land and jail time.

He even speaks briefly on the allegations of relationship trouble between Offset and Cardi B on “North Star” and “Don’t Lose Me.”

“They lyin’ about the hoes, it’s fuckin’ my b*tch up mentally (Lie)
Shit be glitter, it don’t be gold the fame can f*ck up your family.”

Offset released a music video (above) for one of the singles, “Red Room” which currently has over 12 million views. 

One of the best beats on the album is “Clout” featuring Card B! Quavo is featured on “On Fleek” and its delightful to hear both artists on the same track. 

Check out the album and be sure to leave a comment ! 

Raps N Receipts Showcase

Raps N Receipts held the last showcase in the Galleria Mall in White Plains, New York on February 23rd. Raps N Receipts is brought to you by @lorddotto and @russbeknowin. The showcase featured several artists from the Westchester area representing soul and Hip Hop flows. There were performances by @kaicash @reallychinkee @seansavy_ @tinicarose @imjaydamarie @julzznfg @prezzysupreme @21gramsmusic @lorddotto @russbeknowin @visionarysociety. 

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YNW Melly – “Gang” (First Day Out)

YNW Melly released a new music video titled, “Gang” and the video features several music artists you may be familiar with including PNB Rock, Blue Face, Lil Durk and more!

We get to see YNW Melly in raw form bouncing around in the street happily without a care in the world. Its an unparalleled energy transformed through the screen of pure “Living My Best Life” momentum – millennial style.

It really reminds me of a documentary or day in the life video which is dope to watch. Check it out and let me know what you think.

R3ady – “Big Grind”

R3ady recently released a new single titled, “Big Grind.” This song is dedicated to everyone with the goal of taking over 2019 for the win.

R3ady keeps all of his lyrics honest and real while he pursues his dreams rapping, “I can’t f*ck you on the regular, regular, got you blowing up my cellular.”

My favorite highlight of this record is the go hard yet chill energy exuded throughout the track.

“Big Grind” is an ideal song to ride around town getting money to. He also speaks about his humble mentality and hard work behind his drive.

“You Know I’m Good Vibes, F*ck the Drama!”

Check out @R3ady on Instagram and leave a comment!

Nicki Minaj Reunites Mixtape Days W/ Freestyle “Barbie Drip”

Prior to SuperBowl Sunday, mega-star Nicki Minaj drops her latest freestyle “Barbie Drip” which is done over the instrumental of “Drip To Hard” by Lil Baby and Gunna.

Ms. Onika opens up the freestyle with that endearing money talk we all love to hear and follows up with:

“You spent your money but I aint say I was your boo yet
You got your feelings hurt I aint really mean to do that
Im just a bad bitch im sorry I put you through that”

Although Nicki Minaj is rather on the private side of her romantic affairs after her public relationship with rapper Meek Mill, we can only assume what the day in the life of a Bad B**ch looks like.

Fans wonder if Nicki’s new freestyle is a way for her to make nice with Lil Baby, label member of QC Music, while the silence continues between Cardi B, another QC label mate and Nicki. Or is it just business as usual?Is this a case of a dope artist liking a beat and free-styling over it? Nicki’s rant at the end is priceless. The rapper flamboyantly shares how she is ready to drop a new freestyle up until her next project but that’s not all. Nicki shares how “good” she is because of her current sex regimen and we ain’t mad shorty! Comment below and rate “Barbie Drip” below.