• DM Questions: @Sicarah
  • Yonkers, New York

Introducing: Brandon Bill$

Brandon Bill$ is a recording music artist with several Youtube videos amassing hundreds of thousands of views. In the above interview he talks about his start in music, performing in front of thousands of fans and working with his sister Danileigh. He’s a super talented artist and 2020 is going to be huge for him. Stay tuned! Check out the […]

Mike Smiff Exclusive Interview

  I had the chance to interview Mike Smiff from the 305. This was a wonderful interview because I got to find out about the Miami influence and the environment. There’s also a huge music culture and Mike Smiff was able to connect with Trick Daddy and really share his music with the world. Mike Smiff has worked with several […]

So Yonkers Interview!

    I had the chance to sit down this year and talk to the artists on the So Yonkers single. The music video received over 200,000 views on Youtube and is continuing to grow. CASH B, LadySlim, ReallyJaewon & Keem are the artists featured in the viral video. Cash B came up with the idea before the So Brooklyn […]

Mikey Polo Exclusive Interview

I had the chance to interview Mikey Polo in New York City and learn about his brand, musical style, favorite tattoos and more! In the interview Mikey Polo talks about two of his songs called, “Toxic” and “Pink.” Check out both songs below and press play above to watch the full interview!  

NOFM – No One Forgets Music Exclusive Interview

I had the chance to interview the artists of NOFM – No One Forgets Music. Rajawn, Queue and Bylly make up the group NOFM. During the interview you will learn how they began their music career and their musical influences. All three artists are from Brooklyn, New York and attended the same high school. Each artists presents their own talents […]

Young Dash and Gwalla Mane Exclusive Interview

I had the chance to interview Young Dash and Gwalla Mane, two incredible artists from Queens, New York. During the interview, I learned about their music influences, their start in music and what’s next. They both met and started their music journey and plan to go to the top with consistency. Their music quality is great and their music spans […]

Who is Chinno Cartel? – Exclusive Interview

Chinno Cartel is a music artist who grew up in Virginia but currently lives in New York.  His love for music derived from classical hip hop artists. He grew up listening to the likes of Slick Rick, Doug E fresh, Biz Markie and more.  Although, Chinno Cartel started out playing basketball, after the occurrence of a medical incident his music […]