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Who is Abby Jasmine? 22 Year old Staten Island Music Artist, Learn about Her Music, Her Rise, Social Media and More!

I had a chance to participate in Abby Jasmine’s press conference and learn more about who she is as an artist, her creative process and more. Below you will learn very interesting facts about Abby Jasmine the artist and Abby Jasmine the person. Abby Jasmine is a 22 year old music artist from Staten Island New York who first gained […]

Benny Da Jeweler Exclusive Interview

I had the opportunity to interview Benny Da Jeweler. In the interview we discussed his designs for music artist Casanova, his start in the jewelry industry, 2020 goals and more! Casanova is the first person in the music industry Benny Da Jeweler started working with.  He talked about creating both the 2X and ape piece for Casanova. As a child he […]

Bandhunta Izzy Exclusive How To Rob Interview

I had the chance to interview Baltimore rapper Bandhunta Izzy and discuss his new project, “That’s Pretty Gangsta.” His viral hit single “How To Rob” music video currently has over 4 million views. 50 Cent posted on his page respecting Bandhunta Izzy’s homage to his 1999 single “How To Rob.” During the interview, we discussed his favorite lyric in “How […]

Vina Love Exclusive Interview

I had the chance to interview Vina Love and learn all about her successful year. She recently released a new music video, “Drip” on Worldstar Hip Hop. Vina Love is also on the hit show Growing Up Hip Hop New York. Vina Love is the daughter of Kid Capri and she talks about both of their primetime interviews above. She […]