The Brobot Johnson Experience

The Brobot Johnson Experience was literally a more than worth it experience. The Bushwick Starr and All For One Theater presented The Brobot Johnson Experience from February 14th through March 17th.

This presentation was written and performed by Darian Dauchan and directed by Andrew Scoville. The performance and experience was amazing because of the various voices, stages and storylines all performed by Darian.

LL Cool J was the name of the ship that crashed with Darian inside. The only way to get the ship up and moving was to increase the b funk meter. There were 13 codes that would assist in increasing the levels on the meter and some of the codes were “Ingenuity,” “Nutrition,” and “Movement.”

The best part about the experience was the audience engagement. The audience members were clapping their hands, stomping their feet and even dancing! We even received bright strobe lights and snacks.

The storyline was hilarious and certain phrases such as a the B funk meter was purely unique to the experience. Certain terms were beyond funny such as “Shitmosphere” and “Intergalactic.”

One line that specifically stood out to me was , “You must rise to the occasion and make your own miracle.”

Above is a short preview into the Brobot Experience.

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