The Bobby Brown Story – Night One *Spoiler Alert*

Wow ! This story was so well put together, honestly I feel like the story was told from an honest and real perspective. I feel like I wanted to cry at least 3 times throughout part one.

First off, I can’t believe Bobby Brown witnessed a murder so young, really traumatizing experience. I can’t wrap my mind around Janet Jackson and Bobby Brown. However, I enjoy the point of view of Bobby Brown feeling like no one liked him enough because he was dark skin and not like the other members of New Edition. This explains his connection to Whitney because Whitney braced him with so much love for exactly who he is. He did the same especially during the Soul Train Awards.


Cheating! This scene killed my soul, Why Bobby Brown? He didn’t even want to be with Kim but just engaged in cheating just to do it. Although, Whitney lost the baby, they were blessed to have another and I may not have done it myself but I respect Whitney for sticking to her fiancee after knowing the truth.

Older Brother and manager made me realize I don’t ever want to be a manager. Things start off one way and then all of a sudden you’re fired. Yikes!

The fact Bobby Brown witnessed and the cause of a second murder was just heart wrenching. I feel bad and don’t know how he’s dealt with such situations even till this day.

I for one is anxious for part two.

All respect to BET!

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