Bebe Rexha – “Baby I’m Jealous” featuring Doja Cat – Super Relatable Topic

I love this video because the intro talks about the drama social media brings especially when it comes to romantic relationships. Since they are in a restaurant, a staff member over hears Bebe’s complaints and gives her a fortune cookie. Bebe vanishes into the time periods she were discussing during her rant with her friends expressing how life was easier back in the 60’s. 


The theme of the song is jealousy triggered by her boyfriend’s behavior on social media. The lyrics are so genuine and relative to today’s generation,

“My apologizes for looking on your history, I’m trying to let it go, baby I’m jealous, of the pictures that you like, baby I’m jealous of the girls with lighter eyes baby I’m jealous.” 

Doja Cat comes in with a different energy “Who that chick?, nah that’s pitiful that’s so average.” 

I noticed some Adam and Eve incorporation when the gentleman in the video takes the bite of an apple while he is in a garden with Doja Cat and a snake is present. 

Check it out above and be sure to leave a comment. 

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