Ashanti – Say Less ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Ashanti is back and her music video is right on point and just in time. The topic she chose to explore is her drama with press exploiting the story of her pushing a fan in the pool. Listen at the end of the day actions speak louder than words, therefore her visuals in “Say Less” are perfect for her message.

When she sings “Say Less” she’s referring to speaking about nothing else but the money. Money is mentioned frequently in the song but more importantly she re-enacts the scenario of her reaction when greeting a fan poolside. In the video, we see a fan walk up to her and she gives her a hug. Due to the water by the pool, the fan falls in the water but Ashanti tried her best to help save her from falling in.

Although, the media was quick to say she threw a fan in the pool, no one captured the moments where Ashanti was pulling the fan out of the pool.

Even after all of these years, Ashanti’s voice still remains the same. She partnered up with hit maker Ty Dolla $ign whose role was to provide encouragement to the R&B singer as her name was on every news station and of course finesse the hook.

I’m sure many artists can relate to her feelings and lyrics in regard to people talking about famous people so recklessly. She really humanizes herself by saying in the intro,

“Sometimes I feel like is it really all worth it, for people to attack you and like judge you without even knowing what kind of pain or suffering you might be going through behind close doors?”

Her outfits are amazing and her unique topic is refreshing. The beat is hype and not her typical r&b song which shows her progression. This song is catchy, energetic and a part of the “feel good” collection.

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