Album Review – “My Name is Trizzy”

Trizzy is the ultimate creator, utilizing his talents as both a rapper and a producer. The Utica artist has recently released an album titled, “My Name is Trizzy.”

The 12 track album begins with a track called, “I Won” accompanied with a music video receiving over 4K views. On this track, Trizzy let’s the world know he’s the MVP and raps about his work ethic and skills. After hearing the beat he made and his bars I was instantly hooked.

“They pass me the mic cause it’s my turn to be number one, like two, three, I be working like its two of me, I brought that action like its a movie.”

Trizzy is an ideal artist because he got the bars, flow and beats. “Already” is a stand out record to me because his energy matches the beat effortlessly. Towards the middle of the song, he repeatedly raps already blended in with his bars and the result is fantastic.

“Always thought diamonds were forever till I put ruby in the air.” This line is important because he owns his own record label, “Ruby Recordings.”

“My name is Trizzy” features a few artists on the project including Samie Bower, Freysh, AB Tazz, Crisis, Classic and Easie.

The first single with a feature is “Sound” featuring Samie Bower. This song is dedicated to Trizzy’s city, Utica. Trizzy makes it clear he is the sound of the city and that’s why he raps. You can get a sense of where he’s from.

“Motivation” also describes his city and the things he witnessed. “Motivation” is one of the deepest songs on the album and the bass of the chorus is impeccable.

“My dreams come before any girl I can’t trust, success isn’t an option, man that is a must.”

The topic switches up with “We Ain’t Gotta Rush” because this single is dedicated to a special lady. The featured artist, AB Tazz sings about taking their time with the goal of making the girl his.

Although, “We Ain’t Gotta Rush” is all about the romantics, “Can’t Hide My Feelings” is the heartbreak record of the project. Trizzy raps about falling hard and missing someone he can’t have back in his life. This song is a relatable track as many guys get hurt by girls but this song describes the pain with pure accuracy.

Other tracks on the album such as “Before & After” features Classic and “Truth Is” features Easie.

This is a dope album with creative bass driven beats.

Be sure to check it out above and leave a comment!

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