About Us

Sicarah.com is a platform for everyone to feel comfortable to tell their story through interviews, visuals and overall story telling. We’ve been known to interview music artists but have expanded our topics to several categories for discussion including religion, relationships, restaurants and more!

The purpose of the interviews are to share your thoughts, help others who may be experiencing similar scenarios comparative to yours and awareness.

Clips of the interviews will be shared on various social media sites including on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. The full interview will be available on our Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ1VJTikiTzHMgzSjR0Jyhw) and website. The full video will be sent to you if you request a copy.

The requirements are simple. We ask that you share the link if you are featured on your social media platform (instagram story), fill out the form below for submission and there is a fee.

Although we come up with the questions you can send us questions you would like us to ask as well.

We create content through the interview but we do not guarantee views as the views are dependent upon factors out of our control.

Disclaimer: We edit the interviews and we add your social media in the video but if you would like us to add in photos or a website url please let us know.

SUBMISSION: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1OMcwLiUcvPO5h44R6bLGrihSC-nJVE66rjPGGc5xWsE/