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Who is Abby Jasmine? 22 Year old Staten Island Music Artist, Learn about Her Music, Her Rise, Social Media and More!

I had a chance to participate in Abby Jasmine’s press conference and learn more about who she is as an artist, her creative process and more. Below you will learn very interesting facts about Abby Jasmine the artist and Abby Jasmine the person.

Abby Jasmine is a 22 year old music artist from Staten Island New York who first gained attention through posting rap freestyles and short skits on Social Media and Soundcloud. She is currently signed to Cinematic Music Group.


When asked about her cover art for the Who Cares Deluxe Abby Jasmine explained she is a down to earth person.

“I want to showcase having finer things and having people catering to you and still not being really concerned about that. I’m a down to earth person and a lot of things don’t really excite me, well material things don’t really excite me.”

Sicarah.com asked Abby what was the most challenging song to make on the album and the song she chose was Coneheads. Abby Jasmine had a lot of pressure for this song in particular because she let people listen to the project and the only song that wasn’t complete was Coneheads. That is the song everyone said was fire and would be one of the best songs on the project. After hearing compliments, she got writers blocks for at least a couple of months and she discusses having trouble with the hook during the press conference. She had a writer, Nick write the hook and then she was able to finish the song in its entirety.

After hearing the project she wants people to take away her growth in the music, writing and her as a person. She loves seeing people learn new things and grow and she hopes people can learn about who she is through the music.

Some artists Abby Jasmine sees herself collaborating with is Yung Baby Tate, Bia and Melii.

“I really just want to work with more women in the game.”



One participant in the conference asked Abby about her thoughts on the transition between Vine and Tik Tok and she admitted she’s still learning how to use the app and she was really late onto it. Abby Jasmine said she was overwhelmed with all the things you can do on it but she thinks its really cool. Vine was simpler, 6 seconds but she likes Tik Tok. She thinks its important for artists to engage with their fans in any way they can and she likes to be on Twitter a lot.

“Twitter is the best place for me to engage with my fans.”

The reason Abby Jasmine took to Social Media to begin with is because she didn’t have any friends. She had 1 or 2 friends but her parents were strict and she couldn’t really go outside. Therefore, at the age of 14 she decided to get on vine. She said she was always making videos from when she was a very young kid. She liked vine because people would laugh with her and in real life in high school kids would pick on her, social media was her escape.

“There’s a community for everybody on social media.”



Question: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be and why?

Abby Jasmine had a powerful response to this question.  Her response was in regards to many women getting co signed from guys and that is one thing she would like to change.

“I want it to be that powerful women and women in general just co sign each other and those are the co signs that stick. I don’t really see a lot of women giving other women cosigns, we have to build this together instead of letting men decide she’s dope she’s cool.”

Abby Jasmine is very down to earth and if you would like to chat with her go on her twitter. Thanks for reading!

Abby Jasmine’s Who Cares Deluxe project is out now! Click the link below to check it out.

Abby Jasmine