Who is Chinno Cartel? – Exclusive Interview

Chinno Cartel is a music artist who grew up in Virginia but currently lives in New York. 

His love for music derived from classical hip hop artists. He grew up listening to the likes of Slick Rick, Doug E fresh, Biz Markie and more. 

Although, Chinno Cartel started out playing basketball, after the occurrence of a medical incident his music path became apparent. 

Chinno Cartel creates conscious and calm timeless music. He strives to leave a lasting impression on fans similar to Nipsey Hussle’s legacy.


Chinno released his EP, “The Land of Chinno” and shot a music video with his Connecticut fans in mind. There are 11 tracks on the project and his favorite songs on the EP are “Jetbluee” and “Proceed.” He really explains his struggles and strength in the single, “Proceed.” 

“See in the mirror the old me, never look back just proceed,” is only one of the many memorable lyrics in the song, “Proceed.”

If Chinno Cartel could choose any artist to work with, he would work with Eminem. During our interview he breaks down his favorite Eminem projects and lyrics. 

Chinno Cartel has performed at several showcases hosted by Power 105.1 and he continues to put good music on his platforms. 

On Soundcloud he’s released several singles including “Gone In A Second,” a song dedicated to women he’s previously been in a relationship with.

Other singles you’ll find available on the Soundcloud platforms are “Alone,” “Ballin Like Spaldin,” and “Tats Of Wedding Rings.”

Chinno makes Trap as well as Pop and R&B creative vibes for his fans. One of my personal favorites is “Tats Of Wedding Rings.”

You can find more content of Chinno Cartel by following him on social media where he posts his upcoming shows, new music and more.

Chinno Cartel can be followed on Instagram @chinno.cartel.






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