3 Reasons I love BET’s New Show: “Games People Play”

BET premiered a new show titled, “Games People Play” featuring some of your favorite actors including Lauren London and Sarunas J. Jackson. “Games People Play” is a realistic series highlighting the drama as the main characters navigate their lives and careers. Each actor is in the entertainment industry either has a editor, basketball player, basketball wive or actress.

Reason #1

A 1 actors are a part of the “Games People Play” drama filled television series. The acting skills are impeccable. I haven’t seen Lauren London in an acting role is such a long time. I miss her major role in ATL and I’m glad to see her back on the TV screen. When watching “Insecure” I couldn’t get enough of Sarunas J. Jackson and now he’s back. This is a very good look considering we have to wait until 2020 for the next Insecure episode. 

Reason #2

The storyline leaves you wanting more. The main athlete is married to Lauren London and cheating on her. Will Lauren find out the truth? The girl he cheated with leaked pictures of his nude butt but she fell for his lies. Towards the end of the episode she finds out he lied to her again because she already caught him cheating previous to this new woman. 

The girl only slept with him to get her clout up. It’s all about instagram now a days. 

Reason #3

Dreams come true. We see a talented young lady work hard at her publication and receive a raise allowing her to move to LA and to receive an office living out her dreams as an editor. She is happy and enjoying her new role. 

“Games People Play” is not a picture perfect fable but it is containing real life scenarios showcasing the pros and cons of having everything you want.”

I wasn’t expecting or aware of this show but I for one look forward to watching this every Tuesday. 

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