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3Breezy Releases a New Single For The Ladies Titled, “Self Love”

3Breezy is a music artist (Jersey Made) who recently released his latest single titled, “Self Love.” This song is much needed in today’s age and here’s why.

Women find themselves in dead end relationships all the time because of men lying or sometimes it just doesn’t work out. After a failed relationship, self love normally comes into play. The journey to self love typically begins because self love is the best way to get through a break up, at least that’s what some experts say.

“Self Love” coming from a male perspective has an impact because women usually speak on self love more than men. This song is very empowering and it’s nice to hear a male speak on the topic of women loving themselves especially when times get rough.

“Cry to herself at night thinking who gon love me.” Lines like this shows that there are some men that might understand what women go through. This is powerful when some women feel no one understands them. 

In “Self Love” 3Breezy lyrics mention health, the healing power of time, pain and more. 

“It ain’t no better love than just loving yourself.” 

The world definitely benefits when artists can relate and offer encouragement through the lyrics. 

Check him out by following him on instagram: @3breezy__