Roxanne Roxanne – Netflix Movie

Finally, a movie that shows the truth and goes through the process of ones life story slowly. Roxanne Roxanne is a refreshing Netflix movie and showcases the beauty of true storytelling.

In the beginning of the movie, we see happy Roxanne Shante smiling, rapping and hustling with the swag of Queensbridge. She was very confident and throughout the entire storyline her skill set in rapping was consistent. Her mother even encouraged her as she was in grade school to win her rap battles by any means necessary and to give her performance her all.

I do not want to spoil the entire movie but I will say this movie made me emotional which proves how concise the story was told. There were so many ups and downs in Roxanne Shante’s life that it can really serve as motivation for viewers.

Throughout the movie you will notice Roxanne Shante’s opportunities to walk away and quit everything. However, her raps turned out to keep her strong and lead her to the top.
The movie is out on Netflix, if you haven’t already watch it today!

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